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Familiy Sesarmidae (Dana, 1851) – Mangrovenkrabben / Mangrove Crabs

Type species: Cancer quadratus Fabricius, 1798, subsequent designation by Rathbun, 1918; gender neuter (for historical rearrangements and detailed description of the type species see Ng et al., 2008; Rahayu & Ng, 2010). This genus is herewith enlarged and now contains 56 nominal species that are listed here in alphabetic order. The synonyms (after =) and the original combinations (in square brackets) are adopted from Ng et al. (2008).
Parasesarma affine (De Haan, 1837) [Grapsus (Pachysoma)]
Parasesarma anambas Yeo, Rahayu & Ng, 2004
Parasesarma asperum (Heller, 1865) [Sesarma]
Parasesarma batavianum (De Man, 1890) [Sesarma]
Parasesarma bengalense (Davie, 2003) comb. nov. [Perisesarma]
Parasesarma bidens (De Haan, 1835) comb. nov. [Grapsus (Pachysoma)]
Parasesarma brevicristatum (Campbell, 1967) comb. nov. [Sesarma]
Parasesarma calypso (De Man, 1895) [Sesarma (Parasesarma)]
Parasesarma carolinense (Rathbun, 1907) [Sesarma (Parasesarma)]
Parasesarma catenatum (Ortmann, 1897) [Sesarma]
Parasesarma charis Rahayu & Ng, 2005
Parasesarma cognatum Rahayu & Li, 2013
Parasesarma corallicum Ng, Davie & Li, 2016
Parasesarma cricotum (Rahayu & Davie, 2002) comb. nov. [Perisesarma]
Parasesarma darwinense (Campbell, 1967) comb. nov. [Sesarma (Chiromantes)]
Parasesarma dumacense (Rathbun, 1914) [Sesarma (Parasesarma]
Parasesarma ellenae (Pretzmann, 1968) [Sesarma (Parasesarma)]
Parasesarma erythodactyla (Hess, 1865) [Sesarma]
Parasesarma eumolpe (De Man, 1895) comb. nov. [Sesarma (Perisesarma)]
Parasesarma exquisitum Dai & Song, 1986
Parasesarma foresti (Rahayu & Davie, 2002) comb. nov. [Perisesarma]
Parasesarma guttatum (A. Milne-Edwards, 1869), comb. nov. [Sesarma]
Parasesarma hartogi Davie & Pabriks, 2010 Parasesarma haswelli (De Man, 1887) comb. nov. [Sesarma]
Parasesarma holthuisi (Davie, 2010) comb. nov. [Perisesarma]
Parasesarma indiarum (Tweedie, 1940) comb. nov. [Sesarma (Perisesarma)] = Sesarma (Perisesarma) indica De Man, 1902 (preoccupied name)
Parasesarma jamelense (Rathbun, 1914) [Sesarma (Parasesarma)]
Parasesarma kuekenthali (De Man, 1902) [Sesarma (Parasesarma)]
Parasesarma lanchesteri (Tweedie, 1936) comb. nov. [Sesarma]
Parasesarma lenzii (De Man, 1895) [Sesarma (Parasesarma)]
Parasesarma lepidum (Tweedie, 1950) [Sesarma]
Parasesarma leptosoma (Hilgendorf, 1869) [Sesarma]
= Sesarma (Holometopus) limbense Rathbun, 1914
Parasesarma liho Koller, Liu & Schubart, 2010 Parasesarma lividum (A. Milne-Edwards, 1869) comb. nov. [Sesarma]
Parasesarma longicristatum (Campbell, 1967) comb. nov. [Sesarma]
Parasesarma luomi Serène, 1982
Parasesarma maipoense (Soh, 1978) comb. nov. [Chiromanthes]
Parasesarma melissa (De Man, 1887) [Sesarma] Parasesarma messa (Campbell, 1967) comb. nov. [Sesarma]
Parasesarma moluccense (De Man, 1892) [Sesarma (Parasesarma)]
Parasesarma obliquifrons (Rathbun, 1924) [Sesarma (Parasesarma)]
Parasesarma onychophorum (De Man, 1895) comb. nov. [Sesarma (Perisesarma)]
Parasesarma palauense (Takeda, 1971) [Sesarma (Parasesarma)]
Parasesarma pangauranense (Rathbun, 1914) [Sesarma (Parasesarma)]
Parasesarma paucitorum Rahayu & Ng, 2009
Parasesarma persicum Naderloo & Schubart, 2010
Parasesarma pictum (De Haan, 1835) [Grapsus (Pachysoma)] = Sesarma rupicola Stimpson, 1858
Parasesarma plicatum (Latreille, 1803) [Ocypode] = Alpheus quadratus Weber, 1795 (nomen nudum) = Cancer quadratus Fabricius, 1798 (preoccupied name)
Parasesarma prashadi (Chopra & Das, 1937) [Sesarma (Parasesarma)]
Parasesarma raouli Rahayu & Ng, 2009
Parasesarma rutilimanum (Tweedie, 1936) [Sesarma]
Parasesarma samawati (Gillikin & Schubart, 2004) comb. nov. [Perisesarma]
Parasesarma semperi (Bürger, 1893) comb. nov. [Sesarma]
Parasesarma sigillatum (Tweedie, 1950) [Sesarma]
Parasesarma tripectinis (Shen, 1940) [Sesarma] = Parasesarma acis Davie, 1993
Parasesarma ungulatum (H. Milne Edwards, 1853) [Sesarma]